Monday, August 31, 2015

Houses et al 1995 to 1999

Kelly started out as about 1 year old
when she was first introduced in 1995.
The Movie Theatre is one of Mattel's cleverest inventions.
Through a series of mirrors, the dolls can actually watch a movie or TV show.
Some of the accessories you see with Pet Doctor Barbie are hers
and others are just pieces I've accumulated.
Note that the fabric used in the 1992 Teen Talk Barbie
was reused for Pizza Party Skipper's and Courtney's uniforms.
Barbie and Stacie have invited over Ken and Tommy for Thanksgiving.
I don't know about Barbie, but it was difficult
to squeeze Ken into the Sports Cruiser! 
Since my Baywatch dolls are still in their boxes,
I am just showing you the Jeep.
The Powhatan Village is an elaborate Disney playset.
1995 (dated 1994) #12489
Kelly New Baby Sister of Barbie playset
Made by Mattel
The Kelly/Shelly dolls were introduced with a playset that included a a crib with a crib with a sliding side and numerous baby accessories.

My Kelly doll is wearing her original bunny suit and pacifier.

1995 (dated 1994) #67206
Barbie Baywatch Rescue Wheels
Yellow Jeep.  For the Baywatch dolls

1995 (dated 1994) #67217
Pocahontas Powhatan Village Play Set
Made by Mattel
Tan tent with numerous accessories.  For the Sun Colors dolls

My dolls are Spirit of Love Pocohantas and John Smith and Sun Colors Nakoma, all from 1995, in their original outfits.

1996 (dated 1995) #14618
Movie Theatre
Made by Mattel
Pink and white concession stand and white theater seats.  Pink and white screen with mirrors.  This is my all-time favorite Barbie playset.

My dolls are Erica Kane/Susan Lucci, Tropical Kayla, 1996 Gymnast Stacie and Dress Up Kayla in Movie Premiere (no stock number), a Toys R Us exclusive.  With the exception of Stacie, all the dolls and the outfit gift set are from 1998.

1996 (dated 1995) #65033-91
Skipper’s Pizza Party Pizza Shop
Made by Mattel
Pizza Hut restaurant with red walls.  For Pizza Party Skipper, Courtney and Kevin.   The dolls and playset all came with numerous pizza-making accessories. Kevin also came with a blue helmet.

My dolls are Pizza Party Skipper, Kevin and Courtney in their original outfits plus accessories, plus 1992 Teen Talk Barbie in her original outfit.

1996 (dated 1995) #67163
Barbie Sports Cruiser
Made by Arco
Blue Jeep with dark pink accents

My doll is Sparkle Beach Ken in Fashion Avenue #14677.

1997 (dated 1996) #67551
Folding Pretty Dining Room
Made by Mattel
Cream and white furniture with candelabra, roast turkey and white cake.  The Folding Pretty lines are beautiful and sturdy but actually too small scale for Barbie!
1997 (dated 1996) #67553
Folding Pretty Living Room
Made by Mattel
Cream and white furniture with television and houseplant.  I don't know who the doll is on the TV.  The doll in the picture frame is Party Premiere Barbie from 1993.

My dolls are Hula Hair Barbie in Fashion Avenue #16952, Big Brother Ken and Little Brother Tommy, all from 1997.  Ken and Tommy are in Fashion Avenue Matching Styles #18117 from 1998.    1996 Gymnast Stacie is in #12613 Tea Set for Two from 1995, which is also pictured on the box.

1997 (dated 1996) #14603
Pet Doctor Barbie
Doll with white doctor's coat and pink animal print pants.  Ken's beagle is named Shep and the domestic shorthair cat is Nurse Kitty.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Houses et al 1985 to 1989

Reunions at the Heart Family Loving Home
always make for a crowded house.
Teen Time Skipper, High School Chelsie and Teen Time Courtney
watch Barbie on television in Skipper's bedroom.
Grandma Heart volunteered to help teen Time Courtney and Skipper
with their school project, but all the girls want to do is talk on the phone!
While Rocker Barbie is on tour, Skipper and Mrs. Heart
sneak into to Barbie's boudoir
to check out the Dream Glow Vanity and Glamour Bath.
Note the photo of SuperStar Ken
inside the locker door of the Workout Center.
I've never tried out the remote
(pictured above the blue tire on the left)
to see if the Tropical Barbie ATV actually works.
The prettiest Barbie car ever has to be the 1988 Ferrari.
The girls are rehearsing in street clothes,
but Ken is already dressed for tonight's concert!
I love the California Barbie line!
The yellow striped outfits appeared in both 1985 and 1988.
1985 (dated 1984) #9691
Heart Family Loving Home
Made by Mattel
Plain exterior.  All I own is the house itself.  For the Heart Family
1985 (dated 1984) #7981
Heart Family Babies' Playset
I have placed its walker and rocking horse inside the house.

In alphabetical order, the Hearts are:
baby boy Heart in his original outfit
Daria, Neighborhood Kid
Darrin, Neighborhood Kid, with his desk
Gillian, Neighborhood Kid
Grandma Heart in B Active #2184
Grandpa Heart in #2304 Karate Ken
Honey, Cousin
Janet, Cousin
Kenny, Cousin
Kevin, Cousin, with his high chair
Megan Heart in #9595 Jumpsuits
Melody, Cousin
Mr. Heart in #7984 Simply Dashing from 1984
Mrs. Heart in #9595 Jumpsuits
Nellie, Cousin, in #7981 Playset pink suit
Pleasance, Neighborhood Kid
Tawny, Neighborhood Kid, with her trike
Windy, Neighborhood Kid, with her wagon
Plus one unidentified boy in the Playset blue suit
Not shown is the Newborn Heart Baby, whom I forgot to include.  I didn't realize that Janet and Windy had fallen over until I looked at the photos!

1985 (dated 1984) #7025
Great Shape Barbie Workout Center
Made by Mattel.
Blue and pink stationery bicycle, elliptical machine (which I don't own) and a locker.  Barbie is not flexible enough for her to actually pedal the bike, although her feet do fit in the stirrups.  For the Great Shape dolls

My dolls are 1984 Great Shape Barbie and Skipper in their original outfits.

1986 (dated 1985) #2310
Dream Glow Vanity
Cream dressing table and stool with phosphorescent pink accents (AKA glow-in-the-dark)

1986 (dated 1985) #2552
Glamour Bath and Shower
Pink bathtub with translucent walls.  The clear walls and doors do not stay upright.

My doll is New Arrival Mrs. Heart in B Active #2183 yellow bodysuit and Tropical Skipper in So Active #2238 pajamas, all from 1986.

1987 (dated 1986) #3611
Rockers Live Concert Instruments
Made by Mattel
Fuchsia and chartreuse drum set, electronic keyboard, electric guitar, tambourine and trumpet.  For the second set of Rockers dolls

My dolls are Dancing Rocker Barbie in Kmart Fashion Classic #2887, Dancing Rocker DeeDee in Fashion Classic #2876 and and Rocker Ken in his original outfit.

1987 (dated 1986) #3653
Ice Cream Shoppe
Made by Mattel
Playset with portable ice cream maker, soda stand furniture, pink and green tile floor and small yellow backdrop.  The recipe that came with the ice cream maker prepares very tasty ice cream!

My dolls are the first Megan Heart from 1985 in #9595 Jumpsuit from 1985, 1988 Island Fun Barbie in #4465 California, a Kmart exclusive from 1988, and California Skipper from 1988 in her original outfit.

1987 (dated 1986) #7931
Tropical Barbie Remote Control All Terrain Vehicle
Pink motorized bike with blue tires and a remote control.  For the 1986 Tropical Barbie dolls

My doll is Tropical Miko in Fancy Fashion #2874.

1988 (dated 1987) #3136
Made by Mattel
The red Ferrari was sold in stores and also was available as a promotional item through the Pink Stamp Club in 1990.

My dolls are Sensations Bopsy in #3314 Strictly Uptown and Bibops Bobby in his original outfit.

1988 (dated 1987) #4461
California Barbie Surf N Shop
Made by Mattel
Playset only with lavender backdrop with pink trim.  For the California dolls

My dolls are the first Mrs. Heart and Megan Heart in #9595 Jumpsuits, all from 1985; Kmart Party Teen in Kmart Fashion #7488, both from 1990; California Ken, Barbie and Skipper from 1988 in their original outfits; Island Fun Teresa in #4467 Los Angeles, both from 1988; and Sensations Bopsy in #4467 Los Angeles, a Kmart exclusive, both from 1988.

1989 (dated 1988) #1921
Teen Time Skipper Sleep N Study
Made by Mattel
Pink lattice-work background with pink furniture.  The Doll pictured on the TV is Sensations Barbie from 1989.  For Teen Time Skipper and Courtney.

My dolls are Teen Time Skipper in #2593 Dance Fever, Teen Time Courtney in Lookin Lively #2591 and High School Chelsie in Totally Cool #3780, all from 1989.  Also, Grandma Heart in B Active #2184, both from 1986, which matches Skipper's bedspread and pillow.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Etsy listings Aug. 1, 2015

Epier is gone.   I can't find my old listings even when I use Google cache.  So I started over last week with Etsy.  This is what I posted Aug. 1.

Hasbro GI Joe outfit pieces

Sears sewing fashion doll clothing

Missy Mod and Maxi Mod clothing

Galoob Jade and outfit

Grand Canyon tea set

Tressy dresses

Penny Brite and dresses

Totsy New Look fashion

Suki Skediddle dress

Tuesday Taylor accessories

Petite Boutique fashion pieces

Mego Action Jackson skis

Marx Jane West accessories

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

1960s 1970s 1980s photos

Elizabethtown as seen from the airplane (we were coming home from California), September 1985.
This is the intersection of US Highway 50 and Lawrenceburg Road.  In the background is Interstate 275.

Hooven as I shot from the airplane in September 1985.   It's easy to identify the old Gulf Oil tanks.
This is the intersection of US Highway 50 and State Route 128.  Upper left is the Kilby Road exit of Interstate 275.
Western Hills Academy of Beauty Culture.  Mother of Mercy High School 1977 yearbook ad.
Now Main Lines Family Hair Care.

Centennial Savings & Loan Co.  Mother of Mercy High School 1977 yearbook ad.  Now Auto Zone.

Cable Electric Co.  Mother of Mercy High School 1977 yearbook ad.

Kemper's Drugs at Harrison and Kling avenues.  Mother of Mercy High School 1977 yearbook ad.
Turf Lane in Bridgetown, looking west, on Jan. 27, 1978, the day after THE BLIZZARD.
Many of those piles are not shoveled snow but rather snowdrifts.

Summer 1967, our back yard on Turf Lane, looking west toward Westwood-Northern Boulevard.
We had moved in on May 1.  Left to right are Larry Snyder (back of head),
my sister Joan (you can see her backside), my sister Barb, Ronda Snyder and me.
The Snyders and we had two of the first houses on the street.

A blow-up of the view of Westwood-Northern.
My First Communion, April 13, 1969, the back yard of our house on the south side of Turf Lane, looking west.
As usual, I am squinting.
This next topic isn't doll-related.  I'm posting some photos here for someone else to look at.  You can laugh if you want--I'm quite aware I was homely and geeky even as a little girl.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

What I've found from the library's database

The earliest ad I've yet found for Barbie.
The Los Angeles Times, Oct. 29, 1959

Doll history article page 1
The Los Angeles Times, Nov. 28, 1965

Love the photos in this 1965 article!

The Business Front, July 18, 1967, mentions SPP and TNT

The Business Front, page 2

The Business Front, page 3

The Los Angeles Times, Aug. 18, 1973,
about the current Barbie playsets.

With my Cincinnati Public Library card, I can access the various research databases to which the library  has subscribed.  My favorite site is ProQuest, which has access to old newspapers and magazines.  I can search any topic I wish.  Since I research Barbie, I choose to look for both ads and articles.
Here are some articles I've found about either Mattel or Barbie from the 1960s or 1970s.

Friday, June 26, 2015

US 50 sale update

All you need to go with this
is a red checked cotton bodysuit
and a pair of capri-length skinny jeans,
and you'll have your own Barbie Picnic Set outfit!

Who knew there was such a thing as a Barbie fishing rod?
That was one of my purchases during the US 50 sale.  I know the sale was 6 weeks ago, but I'm finally ready to write my summary.  Shopping was a little different this year, since I cheated and also went to stores, two antique malls and a used bookstore.
On Saturday, May 16, I drove east on US 50, starting in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and then going to Hillsboro, Ohio.  I'd never been on 50 past Clermont County.  Unlike 50 in Indiana, the highway in Ohio is narrow and windy and at times deserted.  There were even flat stretches with no farmhouses and few trees, and I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.
I've gone east for the sale only one other time years ago.  One household along the way then had a bunch of early 60s Barbie stuff (it's where I bought the Barbie and Francie Dressing Room Case I wrote about a few weeks ago) and she STILL had Barbie stuff for sale this year.  She's a little pricey, but I did buy the Cruise Stripe dress and shoes.
I spent Saturday night in Hillsboro, 70 miles east of Cincinnati, and Sunday night in Chillicothe, 30 miles past Hillsboro.  From Chillicothe I drove on US 35 northwest to Premier Outlet Mall in Jeffersonville and spent two nights there.  Four days of shopping!
My most unusual purchase?  I went to the Tru-Valu Hardware Store in Hillsboro.  It was there I found the fishing pole.  It was made by a company called Shakespeare (what does Shakespeare have to do with fishing?) and was dated 2013.  It's fuchsia and comes with a lighted reel that flickers.
Here is my list of purchases:

1.  A 1973 Barbie Sew Magic kit, which I write about yesterday.
2.  Rocky Mountain Holiday, a VHS tape of a John Denver special which, unbelievably, I did not own already
3.  Naked Tutti, Jazzie, Christie, Skipper, Barbie and Ken, plus pieces of a few '90s outfits
4.  Primrose Day, a novel by Carolyn Haywood, my favorite childhood author
5.  some other children's books, including Lauren Brooke's first Heartland novel
6.  a pretty sweatshirt that looked wintery, not Christmas-y (Do you know how hard it is to find winter-themed clothing that isn't for the holidays?)
7.  a white long-sleeved Oxford collar blouse (Again, long-sleeved, button-down, 100 percent cotton collared blouses are hard to find since they aren't in style at the moment).
8.  miscellaneous small items

1.  Chillicothe has an Elder-Beerman store!  I didn't know that chain still existed!  I bought myself two pairs of shoes and have been wearing them constantly ever since.
2.  A pair of red Keds like I had as a little girl and a blue tank top at the outlet mall.
3.  The aforementioned fishing pole, plus an item I am saving for my cat for Christmas, at Tru-Valu.   (Sshhhh!  Don't tell her!)

I haven't been to Chillicothe in decades.  The old way to get there was to go up Interstate 71, get off at the Jeffersonville exit, and drive southeast for miles on Highway 35, which was then another lonely two-laner.  Well, Chillicothe has doubled in size, and Highway 35 is now a four-lane, divided straight freeway, and it took about 45 minutes less time to get from one city to the other.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sew Magic: Pretty and ugly at the same time

Mattel introduced Sew Magic in 1973.

Follow the instructions to make
your own clothes for Barbie!

I wonder what would happen if I sent in the order form now?!

Pattern pieces could be reused to make other items.

The solid pink and blue brushed cotton squares
The fabric with the circular daisy pattern

The original owner of the Sew Magic kit that I recently purchased didn't follow the kit's instructions.  And so, this month, neither did I.

Sew Magic, and its sister set Knit Magic, was Mattel's attempt at craft projects for little girls in the mid-1970s.  The sewing machine, rather than using thread, used a glue called Miracle Stitch.  I don't know what Miracle Stitch actually was--it might have been a form of rubber resin.

Frankly, I like the pink top better with the short skirt anyway!

My sister had a Sew Magic.  The clothes were cute enough, but the brown glue was sticky and soaked through the fabric, leaving caramel-colored stains on the clothes that could not be washed out.  Over time the Miracle Stitch cartridges dried up.  We eventually sold the sewing machine and its supplies at a garage sale.  The clothes hung around for a while longer, but because they were so cheap looking compared to my mother's sewn creations that they, too, were eventually tossed.
I took apart the rose print skirt and resewed it.
Note the brown stains from the Miracle Stitch.

I found a Sew Magic set in the box, with most of its accessories, not including the cartridges, at an antique mall.  It was only $20, even though it came with the box, clothing and even some of the tiny pieces.  Many collectors, even though they consider the 1960s Sew Free and Color Magic clothing as official Barbie products, do not feel the same way about Mattel's Sew Magic outfits.  That may be why the resale prices for these kits are so low.

One unusual detail about #8670 Sew Magic Fashion Set is that the date on the box is the year it was sold.  Ninety-nine percent of Mattel products are sold the year AFTER the item is copyrighted or patented.  In the back of the instruction booklet is a form to send away for other kits, and they seemed kind of costly at $4 each.  The box also came with a rather complicated warranty card, and I was briefly tempted to send both of these Mattel to see what kind of answer I might get!  Then there are two plastic waistband guides with a 1972 date on them.

So what is included with the Barbie Sew Magic Fashion Set?  Four fabric pieces of a fuzzy cotton that seems almost like a very lightweight felt--two have different flower prints, then there are pink and yellow solid squares.  A headless, armless, legless mannequin; two strips of satin ribbon and two belt buckles, among other items.  If you ever find a light plastic belt buckle by itself in a bunch of used Barbie items, it is likely one of these buckles.

The instructions say for you to use the rose print fabric for the long skirt and the dark pink fabric for a sleeveless top and simple purse.  The original owner of the kit I bought STARTED to do this.  She finished the skirt with the Miracle Stitch, but only cut out the blouse and purse.  The instructions then said to use the orange and pink flowered fabric for a cap-sleeve blouse and the yellow for the skirt.  However, she used the yellow fabric to cut out another purse and the flowered fabric for the mini skirt, but left both unfinished.
I "unstuck" the long skirt and attempted to wash the glue out of it, but without any luck.  I then hand-sewed the long and short skirts, the top and the two purses.  Just like other mid-70s Barbie items, I did not hem the armholes of the top and purses!

I redressed my 1973 Quick Curl Barbie in the shirt and short skirt and added one of the satin belts.  As you can see, the outfit is actually very becoming!
You will see mentioned in reference books and websites that the basic Sew Magic kit came with two blouses, two skirts, a purse, a mini dress and a set of baby dolls.  That's only partially true.  The basic kit came with the fabric for the skirts, tops and purse, but you could have easily used the cloth for other creations.  You had to use your own fabric to make them to sew the dress and nightie.